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Introduction to the 4th Edition

Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Sentencing

Chapter 2. Jury Sentencing

Chapter 3. Deferred Sentences

Chapter 4. Imprisonment and Suspended Sentences

Chapter 5. Juveniles and Youthful Offenders

Chapter 6. Drug Courts

Chapter 7. 85% Crimes

Chapter 8. Arson

Chapter 9. Assault and Battery, Domestic Abuse

Chapter 10. Attempt and Conspiracy

Chapter 11. Burglary

Chapter 12. Drugs

Chapter 13. Driving Under the Influence

Chapter 14. 85% Crimes

Chapter 15: Firearms

Chapter 16. Homicide

Chapter 17. Robbery

Chapter 18. Non-85% Sex Crimes and Kidnapping

Chapter 19. Stalking, Harrassment, and Protective Orders

Chapter 20. Theft and Misappropriation

Chapter 21. Miscellaneous Common Crimes

Appendix i: 571 Crimes List

Appendix ii: 85% Crimes List

Appendix iii: Summary of Session Laws on Criminal Justice

Appendix iv. 2018-19 Cases

Appendix v. Comment on 2019 Penalties for Trafficking in Illegal Drugs

Appendix vi. A Sentencing Summary of SQ 780