Summary of 2019 Session Laws on Criminal Justice

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§ 1. [HB 2597]

Allowing person 21 or older, or 18 or older member or honorably discharged veteran of armed forces, not otherwise disqualified from possession or purchase of a firearm under state or federal law, to carry a firearm, concealed or unconcealed, loaded or unloaded; disqualifying persons convicted of assault and battery, aggravated assault and battery, domestic abuse, stalking, protective order violation, and drug crimes from firearm possession; prohibiting alien unlawfully in the US to possess, transport, or keep in a residence any dangerous or deadly firearm; allowing qualified person to transport loaded or unloaded pistol or handgun; creating crime of failing or refusing to disclose actual possession of a firearm when asked to do so by an officer during arrest, detainment or routine traffic stop.

§ § 2 -4 [HB 2479]

Authorizing 9 member governing Boards of Juvenile Affairs, Corrections, and Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, appointed by governor (5), speaker of the House (2), and president pro tem of the Senate (2), and subject to removal by appointing authority without cause; authorizing appointment of executive director of OJA by governor with advise and consent of Senate; removal of executive director by governor with or without cause, or by ⅔ majority vote of the Legislature.

§ 11. [HB 2612]

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act, creating the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority and generally regulating the licensing, sale, manufacturing, and cultivation of marijuana for authorized medical uses.

§ 18. [HB 1910]

Prohibiting medical and other providers from collecting debts from clients pending an application of compensation under the Crime Victims Compensation Act.

§ 25. [SB 1041]

Amending drug trafficking statute to define 1 gram of Fentanyl, its derivatives, or analogs as trafficking quantity.