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Part One: Updates, Comments, and Important Lists


News: HB 1269 Creates Retroactive Relief for SQ 780 Crimes

Summary of 2019 Session Laws on Criminal Justice

Summary of State Question 780

A Comment on 2019 Penalties for Trafficking in Illegal Drugs

Court of Criminal Appeals Cases 2018-2019

571 Violent Crimes List

85 Percent Crimes List

Part Two: Sentencing Procedures

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Sentencing

Chapter 2: Jury Sentencing

Chapter 3: Deferred Sentencing

Chapter 4: Imprisonment and Suspended Sentences

Chapter 5: Juveniles and Youthful Offenders

Chapter 6: Drug and Mental Health Courts

Chapter 7: The 85% Rule and Habitual Offenders

Part Three: Sentencing Scenarios for Common Crimes

Chapter 8: Arson

Chapter 9: Assault, Battery, Domestic Abuse

Chapter 10: Attempt and Conspiracy

Chapter 11: Burglary

Chapter 12: Drugs

Chapter 13. Driving under the influence

Chapter 14. 85% crimes

Chapter 15. Firearms

Chapter 16. Homicide

Chapter 17. Robbery

Chapter 18. Non-85% Sex Crimes and Kidnapping

Chapter 19. Stalking, Harassment, and Protective Orders

Chapter 20. Theft and Misappropriation

Chapter 21. Miscellaneous Common Crimes

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